Please dont see me

Here is a picture in the style of a poster, produced in response to growing incidents of abuse in the home. The blue door opens into a darkened room in which a child is hiding from the adult figure that is in the doorway. The threat is very real and present. The inner voice of the child is recorded in the text on the picture “Please don’t see me”, a wish and a prayer for help. Surrounding the child is an angel, whose wings offer shelter and protection.

Oh that there were angels present and protecting those who are abused in their homes. Maybe, on this occasion, the abuser will not see the child and will move on. Maybe another person in the home will protect the most vulnerable. In reality for most there is no help at the moment of greatest need. There is angelic work to do however, by working for the protection of vulnerable children and women at risk in their homes.

The picture ‘Don’t see me’ is by Jackie Carpenter, an artist and a survivor of abuse. She is a supporter of Child Help ( For the viewer, the title is ironic. Most abuse is not seen or noticed, but happening in homes which could be right next door.


O Lord, my God, I come to you for protection; rescue me and save me from all who pursue me, or else like a lion they will carry me off where no one can save me, and there they will tear me to pieces.

Psalm 7:1-2

We offer ourselves to you, O God, our Creator.
We offer our hands.
Use healing touch to comfort, sisters, brothers and
children who are afraid.
We offer our eyes and ears.
May we see and hear and the signs and stories of
violence so that all may have someone with them in their pain and confusion.
We offer our hearts and our tears as their hurt and sorrow echo within us.
May we be healed as we embrace each other.
We offer our anger.
Make it a passion for justice.
We offer all our skills.
Use our gifts to end violence.
We offer our faith, our hope, our love.
May our encounters with violence bring us closer to you and to each other.
All this we ask through Jesus Christ, who died a violent death so that we may live. Amen

Women’s Inter-church Council of Canada