Finance and Property Board

The Finance and Property Board is delegated the oversight of the day to day management of the finances and properties of the Diocese and maintaining an overview of the Diocese’s financial position on behalf of the Standing Committee.

The Board is responsible for:

  • preparing, after consulting with interested parties, a budget, including a recommended level of Quota to be levied on the charges, for approval by the Standing Committee.
  • monitoring the Diocesan budget, including monies devolved to other Boards, groups or individuals.
  • producing the Annual Accounts and arranging an independent examination or audit of the accounts.
  • the production of an annual report on the financial affairs of the Diocese which shall be submitted to Diocesan Synod.
  • the supervision of all church properties, accounts and schedules within the Diocese.
  • reviewing and submitting to the Province all applications for funding with the exception of those which are the responsibility of the Mission and Ministry Board.
  • The awarding of grants for:
    • stipend support
    • curates
    • property
    • chaplaincies
    • travel

Finance and Property Board Membership

Secretary to the Board: Mr. Euan Thompson

For more information, please contact the Secretary to the Board in the Diocesan Office at: