• Diocesan newslteer – 13 October 2021

    Here is the latest edition of the diocesan newsletter. It contains further resources related to COP26, and various pieces of personnel news, including the retiral of Canon John Walker. Please find the newsletter here:

  • Mediation Process

    The details of the mediation process for the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney have been published. The mediation will be offered by the University of Dundee’s Mediation and Early Resolution Team. You can find the details here:

  • Episcopal Synod update

    Mediation Steering Group established for Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney The Episcopal Synod, comprising all seven diocesan bishops, met online as planned this morning to consider the setting up of an independent mediation process The Synod voted to meet in private and then unanimously agreed to set up such a process and appointed a Mediation […]

  • Statement from the College of Bishops

    11 September 2021 The publication today of the Torrance Report comes after a period of difficult and lengthy consideration by the College of Bishops. In publishing the report, the College expresses its thanks to Professor Torrance for his work in receiving submissions and compiling the report, which contains a number of useful findings which will […]

  • Bishop’s Letter – 10 September 2021

    Please find here a letter to the Dicoese from the Bishop, which includes prayers to be used at this time. The letter can be found here: Bishop to Diocese 10 Sept 2021

  • College instigates mediation process and commits to publish Aberdeen & Orkney review

    8 September 2021 Statement from the College of Bishops: Following a request from Bishop Anne Dyer, the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, in March 2021 the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church commissioned Prof Iain Torrance to conduct an independent review of difficulties experienced in the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney. The College […]

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 3 September 2021

    Here is the latest edition of the newsletter – a bumper edition! It contains details of the Dean’s first visit to the churches on the islands, the ‘Let’s get together’ day, and an introduction to the Season of Creation. The newsletter is here: Diocesan Newsletter 44 – 3 September 2021 – Print

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 9 August 2021

    The latest edition of the newsletter comes from the Dean and include a report on the Diocesan Get Together Day in Ellon, a Save the Date for the next one in Old Deer, the Bishop in Shetland alongside information about up-coming Provincial online worship. The news letter is here: Web_Diocesan Newsletter 43 – 9 August […]

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 14 July 2021

    The latest edition of the newsletter contains comment on the changes to coronavirus restrictions, a reminder about Recovery and Renewal applications, and information about up-coming events. The news letter is here: Diocesan newsletter 42 – 14 July 2021

  • Lets Get Together in Ellon – 24 July 2021

    Everyone is invited to our next Let’s Get Together event in Ellon Saturday 24 July 2021 The deails are here: Ellon Let’s Get Together

  • Let’s get together – Saturday 26 June

    A day to which everyone is invited – come to Banchory (Milton of Crathes) and meet old or new friends. See the details here: Let’s get together

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 17 June 2021

    This newsletter contains reports from the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and details of online worship offered by the Province Diocesan newsletter 41 – 17 June 2021

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 27 May 2021

    The link to the latest edition of the newsletter is below. The newsletter contains an introduction to this year’s General Synod agenda, news of the Diocesan Day at Banchory on 26 June, and notice of a retiral. The newsletter is here: Diocesan newsletter 40 – 27 May 2021

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Monday 24 May

    The final blog today, after a visit to St Magnus’ Cathedral. Bishop Anne – Today’s blog is here: 24 May, Monday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Sunday 23 May

    Today is Pentecost, when we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming upon the followers of Jesus. The blog today describes how Magnus became a saint. Bishop Anne – Today’s blog is here: 23 May, Sunday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Saturday 22 May

    Today we reached Kirkwall, at the end of our pilgrimage. We walked along the cliff tops from Orphir. After today – two more blogs, and then I am done. Bishop Anne – Today’s blog is here: 22 May, Saturday – Pilgrimage  

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Friday 21 May

    The route today was Finstown to Orphir, on a very cold day. The theme was ‘Forgiveness’. Bishop Anne – The blog for today is here: 21 May, Friday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Thursday 20 May

    Today the pligrimage route was from Dounby to Finstown. The theme of our reflections today was ‘Change’. Bishop Anne – Todays blog is here: 20 May, Thursday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Wednesday 19 May

    Today we walked stage 3 of the St Magnus Way – from Birsay to Dounby. The theme was ‘growth’. A setting full of new life in the fields helped us imagine what might be possible for us all. Bishop Anne – Here is today’s blog: 19 May, Wednesday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Tuesday 18 May

    We walked from Evie (Gurness) to Birsay today on the St Magnus Way. The theme for this section of the Way is ‘loss’. Bishop Anne – For today’s blog see here: 18 May, Tuesday – Pilgrimage:

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Monday 17 May

    Today a small group of us began our pilgrimage together. We travelled by boat to Egilsay, the place of St Magnus’ Martydom. Bishop Anne – You can read today’s blog here: 17 May, Monday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Sunday 16 May

    Today the weather is bright and still in Orkney. Tomorrow we begin to walk St Magnus Way. Today’s blog contains some beautiful music, and some details of the life of St Magnus. Bishop Anne – The blog can be found here: 16 May, Sunday – Pilgrimage  

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Saturday 15 May

    Today I write about St Olaf. A church named for him was most likely the ‘Kirk’ of Kirkwall. There are traces of his influence remaining today in Orkney. Bishop Anne – Read today’s blog about Olaf here: 15 May, Saturday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Friday 14 May

    Today I travelled from Kirkwall to Stromness, passing key monuments in the ancient landscape. Today’s blog is concerned with the beauty that has made Orkney such a spiritual place for millennia. The blog is here: 14 May, Friday – Pilgrimage

  • Orkney Pilgrimage – Ascension Day

    On Ascension Day I travelled from Aberdeen to Kirkwall, Orkney. Here is the blog for today, thoughts from the skies above the diocese. Bishop Anne Grant, we pray, almighty God, that as we believe your only–begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the heavens, so we in heart and mind may also […]


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