Epiphany Group

Ignatius of Loyola was born in 1491 and from his own life experiences, he came to help people find freedom to seek God’s way and to choose to follow it.  He formed the Society of Jesus – a group of men whom he had helped through his Spiritual Exercises and who, in turn, desired to help others.  This accompaniment of others has continued to be handed down and the Jesuits (those who form the Society of Jesus) continue to train people in Ignatius’s way of listening and meeting people where they are and of encouraging the finding of God in everything.  A few of us were privileged to receive this training from a Jesuit here in Aberdeen in 1994, which we in turn have passed, and continue to pass to others.

The Epiphany Group was formed in June 2000, bringing together women and men who have trained in and practise Ignatian Spirituality in Scotland. Members of the Epiphany Group are lay and ordained, and belong to different Christian traditions.  We have no base. Those who are in this ministry respond to the spiritual aspects of life and faith as they emerge by offering help and support to individuals, informal groups, churches and parishes.  Here in Aberdeenshire we can accompany people through the Spiritual Exercises, offer spiritual direction, retreats, quiet days, training courses and supervision.   We offer to accompany people who want to explore God’s relationship with them.

We welcome any enquiries and are willing to give any help we can to help individuals and groups deepen their relationship with God through learning more about discerning God’s will and listening to God in every aspect of their lives.

For more information, visit the Epiphany Group Website or contact Carole Phelan: