Secretary Resources

This page contains resources for Vestry Secretaries.  If you would like further resources and links listed here, please let the Diocesan IT Officer know.


The Vestry Secretary’s responsibilities can be found on the SEC Website and below .

  1. The arranging of Vestry meetings, including agreeing and circulating Agendas.
  2. The taking of Minutes at Vestry meetings, and their circulation to Vestry members and officials.
  3. The convening of, and taking of minutes at, the Annual Meeting.
  4. Attending to any relevant action points arising from the Vestry meeting.
  5. Attending to the execution of routine Vestry responsibilities listed in that section, where those duties have been delegated. In particular, such duties may include:
    • maintenance of Diocesan Schedule;
    • annual submission of Schedules to Diocesan Office;
    • notification of changes in Schedules to the above office;
    • notification of changes in Clergy personnel on form CLAR/1 (available from the SEC website). One copy of this form is to be sent directly to the General Synod
    • Office and another copy is to go to your Diocesan Office for verification;
    • notification of changes in charge personnel to the General Synod Office on form CAR/1 (available from the SEC website);
    • retention for reference of a copy of the Code of Canons, Digest of Resolutions and the Charge Constitution;
    • liaison with the secretaries of Linked Charges;
    • assisting the Clergy in the completion of the annual statistical return to the Diocese and in the maintenance of congregational records where delegated by the Clergy.
  6. Ensuring that new Vestry members are appropriately inducted, including:-
    • arranging the signature by them of the appropriate declarations (available from the SEC website) – Eligibility and Fit and Proper Person;
    • arranging the provision to them of the Scottish Episcopal Church guidance for Vestries available from the SEC website and of the guidance produced by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator for Charity Trustees (here);
    • ensuring that new Vestry members are aware of the contents of the Charge Constitution.
  7. Ensuring the submission to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator of all necessary returns, including the Annual Return and, if necessary the Supplementary Monitoring Return, as well as notifications of any changes to the principal contact maintained for the charity by OSCR and changes in the constitution. See the Guidance Note available from the SEC website.
  8. Ensuring that all the relevant documents include the prescribed charity references in accordance with The Charities References in Documents (Scotland) Regulations 2007. See the Guidance Note available from the SEC website. OSCR has issued a guide to all charities and this can be downloaded from its website (here)
  9. Ensuring that the congregation complies with the copyright licensing and performing rights requirements. See the Guidance Note available from the SEC website.
  10. Ensuring that all records comply with the principles of Data Protection Act Legislation. See the Guidance Note available from the SEC website.
  11. Ensuring that the Vestry members are kept up-to-date on guidance issued by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, the Diocesan Office or the General Synod Office.

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