Visiting Church with your Child

ALL children are welcome in ALL Sunday services in ALL our churches. Some churches offer crèche and children’s groups that meet during the service, but you don’t have to use them.


It is fine to breastfeed anywhere, and at any time, in our Churches, including during services. You do not need to use a cover unless you wish to. If you prefer a private room for breastfeeding then you can ask one of the stewards at the door and they will be able to find you a space. The majority of our Churches have a kitchen facility where bottles can be heated. All our Churches have nappy-change facilities.

Toddlers and Pre/Primary School Children

When you arrive do sit somewhere where your child can see. In many of our Churches there is an optional ‘family seating area’ towards the front or the back, where there will be a toy box and storybooks for your child to make use of.

During the service, there’s no need to try and stop your child from talking, moving around, making noise or asking questions. Children learn best when they are allowed to move around, and use all their senses to experience something. This makes Episcopal services ideal for young children experiencing worship, as they are full of colour and light and movement.

If your child gets a little bored, you can help them to connect with our worship by playing “I Spy” to find all our liturgical symbols and colours- i.e. crosses, doves, altar frontals. This downloadable booklet is a good thing to print off and take with you when visiting Church.

We know that very young children are unlikely to sit still in one seat for a whole hour-long service, so it’s absolutely fine if they want to move around the building in a way that is safe. If the building allows, take them for a walk up the side aisle to look at the stained glass windows and engravings. However, do be aware of the candles and flower arrangements on tall stands, which may be a hazard to young children. Just like at nursery, or in a shop or café, little ones should be encouraged to use ‘walking feet’ when inside the building to ensure their safety.

We look forward to welcoming you and your young ones to our worship!