Treasurers Resources

This page contains resources for Vestry Treasurers.  If you would like further resources and links listed here, please let the Diocesan IT Officer know.


The Diocesan Assistant Treasurer Euan Thompson can be contacted via the Diocesan Office and on .

The Vestry Treasurer’s responsibilities can be found in full on the SEC Website and are summarised below .

  • The preparation of budgets and their presentation to the Vestry for approval.
  • The collection and banking of all monies received.
  • The prompt payment of all accounts, Quota etc., due by the Charge, as within the approved budget.
  • The submission to the Vestry for its approval any other payments outwith the budget.
  • The keeping of financial records for all receipts and payments including the retention of all appropriate vouchers.
  • The administration, on behalf of the Vestry, of the Charge investment assets, including any liaison with the stockbroker or financial adviser.
  • The presentation to the Vestry of periodic income and expenditure summaries – in comparison with budgets and previous years’ results; and of any investment valuations.
  • The preparation of the Annual Accounts in accordance with the current charity accounting regulations for submission to the Vestry and Independent Examiner/Auditor.
  • The production of all records, vouchers, certificates, etc., required for independent examination/audit purposes.
  • The presentation of the financial information including the Annual Accounts to the AGM.
  • The submission of the accounts and schedules to the appropriate person for completion of the Annual Return / Supplementary Monitoring Return to OSCR and to the Diocesan office.
  • The retention of copies of the previous accounts and supporting papers.
  • The provision of copies of the annual accounts and report thereon to any person who requests a copy.
  • Recovery of tax on the gift aid donations and liaison with the Gifts Secretary over relevant taxation matters.
  • Preparation of grant applications for consideration by the Vestry.
  • Submission of tax returns to the HM Revenue & Customs, if required
  • Advising the vestry members on the required internal control procedures to manage risks. Guidance on this issue is available from The Charity Commission for England and Wales website.

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