We believe that all Christians are called by God. Our first and primary job as Christians is to live life in all its fullness and to represent Christ in the world.

All Christians are called to ministry of some sort be that with or without a dog collar on. This church and this diocese needs a whole variety of ministries to serve this world in which we live. No matter if you are five, fifteen, thirty five or ninety five, in the diocese we believe God calls you. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or not, we all have something to contribute to the life of the church.

You may not know how God calls, or what he is calling you too. You may be thinking – not me! But God calls us knowing our strengths and weaknesses, our gifts and our skills. We seek to help all Christians to work out their own unique vocation in Christ.

Some people are called to work in lay vocations, such as pastoral assistants, chalice bearers, intercessors or children’s workers – and in many other ways.

Some may be called to work in a ministry of preaching and teaching, such as in the office of Lay Reader.

You may be called by God to work in the community and the church, serving as a Street Pastor or Church Army evangelist.

Others may be called to a form of ordained ministry, such as to be a priest or a deacon. You can find our more about these roles here.