Aberdeen – St Ninian’s Church

Welcome to St Ninian’s Church.  We seek to be an inclusive, welcoming church for those who are regular or occasional church attenders, those who feel drawn to come closer to God at any point in their lives and those who wonder what church is all about and what it has to do with our daily lives.  All are welcome in our church as we share our common humanity and seek to deepen our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is important and encouraged whether you see yourself as a complete beginner or whether this is encouraged in your life.  You can light a candle in our church to offer prayer without words.

We welcome enquiries about baptism, conformation, and affirmation of faith, weddings and officiating at funerals.

You are most welcome to join us after the services for refreshments and an opportunity to socialise with members of the congregation.


Regular Services and Events:


  • 10:30am:  Service of the Word with reserve Sacrament


St Ninian’s Church online: