The Circle (of peace) – 19 April 2021

This quickly drawn image exudes joy and harmony. Figures of in orange, yellow and brown join hands and dance jubilantly around a central light blue dove carrying an olive branch. The dove, a well-known symbol of peace, is the reason for the coming together of so many figures in celebration. There are further olive branches at the joining of each pair of hands, and the circle of peace causes those gathered to rise above the earth. The commitment to peace brings new life and hope. As the figures circle they throw their hands into the air, and leap with joy.

Created July 25th 1961, this lithograph called La Ronde de la Jeunesse (The Youth Circle), is hand-signed by Pablo Picasso. It was used on a postcard for the Eighth World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace and Friendship in Helsinki, Finland. Those dancing in the circle of peace are young, but the visual invitation is for everyone to join in. The intention of the image is to resonate with the desire for peace within every person.


While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”

Luke 24:36


Put peace into each other’s hands
and like a treasure hold it;
protect it like a candle flame,
with tenderness enfold it.
Put peace into each other’s hands
with loving expectation;
be gentle in your words and ways,
in touch with God’s creation.
Put peace into each other’s hands,
like bread we break for sharing;
look people warmly in the eye:
our life is meant for caring.
As at communion, shape your hands
into a waiting cradle;
the gift of Christ receive, revere,
united round the table.
Put Christ into each other’s hands,
he is love’s deepest measure;
in love make peace, give peace a chance
and share it like a treasure.

Fred Kahn 1989