Opportunity: Retreat in Daily Life – Lent 2020

The Epiphany Group members in Aberdeen are planning to offer a retreat in daily life to run during Lent, 2020 from Sunday 23 February to Saturday 4 April.

Information about the retreat is available below.  For more information, or to register for the retreat, please contact Carole Phelan at .



What is a ‘Retreat in Daily Life’?

Traditionally, a ‘retreat’ has meant an extended time of silent prayer and reflection, away from home, in a monastery or retreat house.  But not everyone can spend the time or money on a residential retreat.

A Retreat in Daily Life is an alternative way of being supported in prayer and reflection in the midst of ordinary life with the assistance of a one-to-one prayer guide.

There are three elements to a Retreat in Daily Life.  Everyone meets together at the start and at the end of the retreat.  Each retreatant has weekly one-to-one meetings with their guide and, in between, takes time on their own to pray and reflect.


Who is it for?

A Retreat in Daily Life is open to all.  No particular familiarity with prayer or faith is needed or expected.  Each person begins from where they are, no matter what their experience of life or prayer.  If you are new to taking personal quiet time you are very welcome to join us;  if you have experienced a retreat before you are also most welcome.  Those who are hurting, angry or anxious may desire healing and peace; those who have been praying for many years may be looking for encouragement and renewal.  All are welcome!


What are the benefits?

There are many reasons to come on a Retreat in Daily Life. These are just some of them:

  • Find new meaning or a new way of being.
  • Exploring what God means to you
  • Being accompanied on your spiritual journey
  • Trying out different ways of praying
  • Being supported as you make a decision
  • Discovering the mystery of inner transformation
  • Finding a way out of a spiritual rut.


How is the retreat organised?

At the start, we will have a short gathering of retreatants and prayer guides at Credo Centre, John Street, AB25 1BT on Sunday February 23rd at 17.00.  We shall begin with introductions to one another and to some ways of praying.  You will meet your own prayer guide for the retreat and be able to arrange the suitable time and venue to meet each week.

These weekly meetings with your guide will last around 45 minutes.  They take time at a time and place mutually convenient.

Away from these individual meetings, you are encouraged to take regular time to pray and reflect in a way that feels intentional but manageable within your particular daily routine.

We gather again all together for a final celebration at Credo centre on Saturday April 4th at 10.30. when there will be a chance to reflect on what has emerged through the time of retreat.  You are welcome to stay for a sandwich lunch afterwards.


What is the role of the Prayer Guide?

 The starting point for your conversation with your guide is your own felt experience in life and prayer.  Guides are not advice givers, but will listen carefully and help you discern for yourself what is emerging within you, what is helpful to you, and what hinders.  Your guide may suggest ways of praying or a bible passage or other material to reflect on.  The conversation is confidential.


What is the cost?

 Prayer Guides undertake training for this ministry as well as ongoing formation and supervision.  They may incur travel expenses to guide on this retreat.  Cost of hiring our venue for our gathering and, in some cases, the one-to-one session will be incurred.  We therefore suggest a voluntary donation of £35 for the retreat.  All are welcome so please do not let finances deter you.