Ordained Ministry

Ordained ministry is ministry with a dog collar on! This is a vocation which is not for everyone, but may be for you. This particular calling is to serve God and all people through one of the Church’s authorised ordained ministries. For this particular calling you have to allow your sense of vocation to be tested by the Church through its discernment processes. There are two main ministries, that of deacon and that of priest. You can find more about those ministries by clicking on the links.

Often the first step to exploring whether ordained ministry is the right path for you is to speak to your local rector or chaplain. They should be able to help you to begin testing whether this is the direction God is leading you in.

They may send you to speak to the Diocesan Director of Ordinands, Rev’d Vittoria Hancock. Her job is to walk alongside you as you explore the different options, to encourage you, and to help you and the church discern what you are called to do. This is called the discernment process. It is not something to be taken lightly – it is something which will make you examine your life quite deeply. The process takes as long as it takes – there is no deadline. During the process you may be asked to speak to other clergy and laity in the diocese. You may be asked to read certain books. You might be asked to try out other churches. The discernment process is unique to the individual.

If after a period of discernment, it is felt that ordained ministry is not for you, we will help you work out what God is calling you to do. If we feel that this is the way forward, you will have to go to firstly a provincial selection panel, and then possibly a Bishops Advisory Panel. At any time either you or the church may discern that this course is not the right way for you.

Training for the office of Deacon or Priest is provided in the Scottish Episcopal Church by the Scottish Episcopal Institute (SEI) http://www.scotland.anglican.org/who-we-are/vocation-and-ministry/sei/

Training is usually through a combination of distance learning, residential weekends and placements, but it is tailored to the individual based on background and experience.