• Diocesan Newsletter – 29 September 2022

    The most recent edition of the newsletter is published on the feast of St Michael and All Angels (Michelmas). There are stories of the passage of Her Late Majesty’s coffin through Aberdeenshire, and news of ministry related events. The news letter is here:Diocesan Newsletter 55 – 28September2022

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 27 August 2022

    The latest edition of the Diocesan Newsletter is linked below. The edition contains a summary of the Bishop’s time at the Lambeth Conference. It also has details of various services and other events in September and early October. The newsletter is here: Diocesan Newsletter 54 – 27 August 2022  

  • Sermon for the Feast of the Virgin Mary – Bishop Dorsey McConnell

    The sermon linked here was preached by the assisting bishop in the diocese, +Dorsey McConnell, at the patronal festival at St Mary’s Pro-cathedral yesterday. The link to the sermon is here: Sermon for the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 12 – 7 August 2022

    Here is the final blog from the bishop, including the time of prayer around the ‘Support Statements’ on Saturday morning, and a final conversation across a cultural and theological divide at the closing cservice. The blog is here: Lambeth blog 12 7 August 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 11 – 5 August 2022

    Today we finisihed our Bible stsuies, and considered what it means to be disciples. The stories among the spouses continue to move those present very deeply. The blog is here: Lambeth blog 11 5 August 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 10 – 4 August 2022

    This blog is concerned with Christian Unity and Inter-faith relations. It also describes a surprise meeting of very old friends. The blog is here:  Lambeth blog 10 4 August 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth Blog number 9 – 2 August 2022

    A day for the telling of some very challenging stories, and the Calls on Reconcilliation and Human Dignity considered. The blog is here: Lambeth blog number 9 2 August 2022

  • Bishop’s blog number 8 – 1 August 2022

    Today’s blog is concerned with how people can be excluded accidentally. The consequences can be very significant. Working on inclusion issues can enable the particpation of so many more people.   The blog is here: Lambeth blog 8 1 August 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 7 – 30 July 2022

    Today the bishops spent a lot of time in groups considering what it means to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. This blog also contains ‘spouse news’. The blog is here: Lambeth Blog 7 30 July 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 6 – 29 July 2022

    Today the big event was the Lambeth Photos, a measure and a record of the diversity of the Anglican Communion. The blog is here:  Lambeth blog 6 29 July 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 5 – 28 July 2022

    The bishops go on retreat in Canterbury Cathedral, the spouses head for the woods! Day two of the Lambeth Conference. The Bishop’s blog is here: Lambeth 5 28 July 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth blog number 4 – 27 July 2022

    Wednesday 27 July was the first proper day of the conference. See here the Bishop’s blog. Lambeth 4 27 July 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth Blog Number 3 – 26 July 2022

    This blog is concerened with the beginnings of the Anglican Communion and the travel to Canterbury and the gathering of bishops there. The link is here:  Lambeth 3 26 July 2022

  • Bishop’s Lambeth Blog Number 2 – 25 July 2022

    Here is the Bishop’s sermon, preached at the pre-Lambeth evensong at St Mary’s Pro-cathedral in Aberdeen on Sunday 24 July 2022. The link is here:Pre-Lambeth 2 25 July 22

  • The Bishop’s Lambeth Blog – Number 1

    The Bishop will be blogging regularly through the Lambeth Conference. The blog here is concnered with pre-Lambeth hospitality – where bishop visitors make a trip to Orkney. The blog is here:Pre-Lambeth 1 23 July 22

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 14 July 2022

    In the latest edition of the Newsletter there are details of the bishops visiting the diocese ahead of the Lambeth Conference, and further information about the themes of the Conference itself. There is also advance notice of the ‘Let’s get together event’ in August. Diocesan Newsletter 53 – 14 July 2022

  • Let’s Get Together – 16 July – Old Aberdeen

    Here are the details for the next ‘Let’s Get Together’ in Old Aberdeen on Saturday 16 July. Here: Info_OldAberdeen_16July2022

  • Lambeth evensong – 5pm, Sunday 24 July

    See here the invite to the evensong that precedes the Lambeth Conference, and a link to the Lambeth Prayer Diary. Here: Lambeth invite webpage

  • Lets Get Together at Cruden Bay – 25 June 2022

    Come and join us for a short walk, follwed by Evensong at Cruden Bay. Saturday 25 June at 1.30pm. The details are here: DIOCESAN GET TOGETHER AGAIN June 2022

  • Diocesan newsletter – 16 June 2022

    This edition of the newsletter contains reports on the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church and news of the Lambeth Conference Prayer diary. It includes details of the next ‘Let’s get Together’ event at Cruden Bay The newsletter is here:Diocesan Newsletter 52 – 16 June 2022

  • Monday 16 May – Discussion about War

    On Monday 16 May at 7pm there will be a discussion event at St Mary’s Pro-cathedral, Carden Place. It will be facilitated by Professor Brian Brock, of Aberdeen University. Everyone welcome. The details are here:

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 9 May 2022

    Please find here the latest edition of the Diocesan Newsletter. There are deatils of Bishop Dorsey’s summer visit with us, a new appointment to the Donside Churches, and news of a number of upcoming events. There is also an obituary for Revd Jean Souter, who died at the end of April. The newsletter is here: […]

  • Appointment to Donside Group fo Churches

    The Revd Suzanne Brumwell has been apopointed to the Donside Group of Churches. The Revd Prof. David Atkinson, Convenor Donside Churches Search and Appointment Committee, writes: The Ministry Team, and the Search and Appointment Group, representing the Vestries of the Donside Group of Churches, are delighted to announce that the Revd. Suzanne Brumwell has accepted […]

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 8 April 2022

    Here is the latest edition of the diocesan newsletter. It contains an interview with the new Diocesan Secretary, Dr Lizzie Finlayson, details about a discussion evening about war, and notice of summer events for walking and worship. The newsletter is here: Diocesan Newsletter 50 – 8 April 2022

  • Diocesan Newsletter – 2 March 2022

    The latest edition of the Diocesan Newsletter is found in the link below. It contains a summary of the Dicoesan Synod that was held on Saturday 26 February. The newsletter is here: Diocesan Newsletter 49 – 2 March 2022