Mission and Ministry Board

The Mission and Ministry Board is delegated the overall responsibility for supporting and furthering the Church’s responsibility in Mission, both home and overseas, stewardship, service, education and spiritual development throughout the Diocese. It will also have overall responsibility for encouraging diversity of ministry in the Diocese, and where appropriate, the training thereof.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Developing a Mission and Ministry strategy for the Diocese.
  • Keeping the Synod updated in respect of recent developments in mission and ministry elsewhere in the Church.
  • Preparing an annual budget for mission and ministry related activities.
  • Organising events designed to promote mission within the Diocese.
  • Developing appropriate provision for the training of those intending to enter authorised ministries and for the training of lay church members.
  • Receiving reports from Diocesan officers responsible for mission and ministry related activities.
  • Preparing all documentation for applications for funding pertaining to matters within the remit of the Board from outside bodies or funds for approval and submission by the Committee on behalf of the Diocese.

The Board oversees work completed in the following areas:

Mission and Ministry Board Membership:

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